Bachelorette Sin City

Beauty blonde girl on the phone at the Barb's ...

Beauty blonde girl on the phone at the Barb’s Bachelorette Party, Las Vegas. Who’s she telling?

Have you ever heard the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” . . . well, if you want my advice that’s very good advice to give all members of a bachelorette party heading for Sin City. If girls can’t be trusted to keep their mouths shut, then don’t take ‘em on your bacherlorette party to  Sin City, simple as that!  Having said that, there’s lots going on for bachelorettes in Sin City which are perfectly safe to talk about after the event, even when the bridegroom is present!

Sin City has lots on offer for bachelorettes;

  • Non-gaming activities . . . it’s not compulsory to lose your entire budget on the slots within a couple of hours of arrival . . . honest!
  • Pool parties . . . these can be as “Girls Gone Wild” as you want them to be, remember bachelorettes, it’s hot in Sin City . . . and as the temperatures rising what could be more enticing than a dip in a cool pool followed by a lounge on a relaxing cabana?
  • Shopping . . . girls like to shop (followed by a nice, relaxing spa), so Sin City is the perfect choice for bachelorettes who fancy a little pre-wedding spending and pampering.


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