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Dating Advice is one thing which almost everybody is full of, don’t you think – especially when you could do without it! Have you noticed how the self styled “experts” are those who have dated lots of different people, okay, so they’ve had experience of many different situations but they obviously haven’t made any of them work for very long! So who do you go to for dating advice? Your Mom! Your best friend! Your neighbor! Your partners best friend! Your partners Mom! Yikes, the list is pretty endless. But it is better to seek help from best hookup site

Dating advice is often abundant in women’s magazines, they’re full of information like “how to tell if he’s really “in” to you” . . . “how to tell if your boyfriend is playing around” . . . . “how to tell him his breath smells” . . . . you know the sort of thing, so I’ve decided to come up with some anti-dating advice, if you like, if you’re looking for true love then these are definitely on the “no no” list. In short, “happier ever after” is not on the agenda with these people so just keep walkin’.

Remember, forget the creepy, especially on a first date!

Dating Advice – If You’re Looking for Lasting Love Avoid These Types Like The Proverbial Plague!

  • Mr or Mrs “Me Me Me” – you might not mind listening at first, after all, it saves any awkward silences and trying to think of what to say next, but eventually you’ll realize that this person has an awful lot to say – about themselves! You will always end up eating where they want to eat, watching the movies they want to watch, doing exactly what they want to do and pretty soon you’ll be swallowed up in their self-absorption. You might not notice this type at first so be on the look-out.

  • He’s Hot and He’s Cold – didn’t Katy Perry sing about something like that? Anyway, one minute this dude is all over you, the next minute you just seem to be getting on their nerves and they’re completely preoccupied. You probably won’t know why and spend the entire date wondering what you did wrong. You do need somebody stable and consistent to build a stable and consistent relationship with, so bail out as soon as possible.
  • Party Animals – okay, we’ve all had our moments, but if this party animal still parties like a teenager when he’s over 40 then that ought to be a warning! Alert, alert, this person still needs to grow up and you’re not his Mom!
  • Mr or Mrs Negative – some people just ooze with negativity, nothing is right with their lives . . . their family, their work, the whole world! Okay, so these deep, dark brooding types might be a little bit intriguing at first, but eventually they will steal away any little positivity you have left and leave you in a cold, dark place of your own.  If you want to date someone happy and drama-free, stay away!
  • Mama’s Boys – or Daddy’s Little Princesses – yep, it works both ways, anyone who has been completely spoiled by their parents is gonna’ expect the same type of treatment from you. Many of these people simply can’t accept being told “no”, they’ve never had to deal with responsibility or make their own decisions, plus there’s always the likelyhood that either one or both parents will be lurking far too close in the background for comfort.
  • Mr or Mrs “Let’s Hang Out” – some successful relationships have started this way, I have to say, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t recognize a few warning signs if they happen along. You know the sort of people, the ones who want to drag their friends along on dates the whole time, at first it’s sociable and fun, but if you’re hoping for something a little deeper it’s gonna’ be tough to let them know, these daters use their buddies to keep you at a distance, nothing serious is likely to happen so guess what . . . it’s time to ditch the party!

He’s a bundle of information isn’t he? I like this guy, he’s got some good dating advice, and some rather dubious dating advice, but hey, it all helps.

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