Bachelorette Miami

Bride-to-be (center) and friends share a toast...

Bride-to-be (center) and friends share a toast at a bachelorette party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What better place to help your best friends say goodbye to “bachelordom” than Miami, where there’s something for every different type of bachelorette party you can imagine, and plenty that you can’t! Don’t let your good friend get hitched without a bachelorette adventure to remember in Miami. What does Miami have to offer the perfect bachelorette party?

  • Charter a boat in Miami for the perfect bachelorette party . . . if you’ve got deep pockets. Charter a dream yacht to sail around the coast for a few hours dining on the very best cuisine and sipping fine champagne, it don’t come cheap but if the budget will allow it’s certainly a Miami bachelorette experience to remember. If that’s a little too rich for you, how about . . .
  • Hiring a hummer to transport your bachelorette party around Miami in real style. Some of those babies can hold up to 20 people and charge by the hour, so why not have your very own limo waiting to escort you for a few hours and really live the high life.
  • For a really wild and exciting bachelorette party in Miami, how about trying your hand at a spot of bull riding. Head to the Tequila Ranch and ride Billy Badass, a free mechanical bull, perhaps you ought to sip on a few sangrias or tequilas first, to build up a little bachelorette style courage.
  • Have a laugh at a comedy club, it’ll help to lighten up the extremely serious business of getting hitched. You can even arrange for a few of the jokes to be on the bride, depending on the comedian of the night.
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