Bachelorette City

000017 - La Vegas - Nevada

000017 – La Vegas – Nevada

A city destination is just a great place to hold your bachelorette party, cities have just so much going on! Of course, some cities have a whole lot more goin’ on than others, so which do you think are the most popular city destinations for bachelorette parties. Let’s have a look at a few ideas;

  • Vegas, Vegas, Vegas . . . gotta’ be number one Bachelorette party city destination. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and there’s so much happening in Vegas it’ll blow your mind!
  • Miami, Miami, Miami . . . well, it wouldn’t be fair to just mention it once, and there’s certainly lots going on in Miami for a memorable bachelorette experience.
  • New York, New York . . . okay, I’ve only said it twice but that kind of works with New York. New York City is just a fantastic city for your bachelorette party, after all, the city doesn’t sleep so why should you or your bachelorette pals.
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