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California Girls

California Girls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

California has lots on offer for your ordinary bachelorette party, as well as your out of the ordinary bachelorette party. Who wants a normal bachelorette send off . . . not me, and I should think “not you” either. A bachelorette party offers the last chance to really let your hair down, unleash your inner naughtiness and let off a little steam before settling down happily to married life.

What can California offer for a truly out of the ordinary bachelorette party?

  • ATV adventures – seriously, I mean, why not get your adrenalin pumping on an ATV adventure
  • Beer making – sound a bit lame? Well, not to worry, ‘cos then you’ve got to taste it
  • Boat cruising – for a perfect laid back bachelorette experience, if that’s what “floats your boat”
  • Bowling – go on, knock ‘em for dead on your California bachelorette experience
  • Bungee jumping – if you dare
  • Chocolate making – sounds more like it, then don’t forget the chocolate tasting (be sure that you can still fit into your dress)
  • Cupcake party – sound a bit “Momsy” . . . well, that could come next you know, and you know what they say about the way to a mans heart
  • Go-karting – high in octane, high in adrenalin, high in fun . . .
  • Party bus – hire a party bus to really get your bachelorette party rockin’ and a rollin’ in California
  • Recording studio – you could even make a recording of your “special song” for the groom . . . now that’s something a bit different for a bachelorette to get up to in California, don’t you think? It does help if you can sing, but it’s amazing how great they can make you sound just by fiddling a few autotune knobs!


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