Bachelor Event

A stripper working at a bachelor party.

A stripper working at a bachelor party.

To make any bachelor event really go with a bang requires lots of careful planning. That’s usually the job of the best man and the groomsmen, hopefully they’ll be able to organize a bachelor event which is naughty enough to be memorable, yet not so naughty that the bride finds out and cancels the wedding altogether. Just think about all of those gifts which will need to be returned!

So what sort of thing do most men get up to at their bachelor event? Well, for one thing, it’s vital not to let the groom in on the organization, and it’s definitely not something to be discussed with the bride to be!

  • A bachelor event usually involves drinking large amounts of alcohol . . . which is why most bachelor events are held well before the actual wedding date, it’s just too risky to hold a bachelor event close to the wedding day.
  • A bachelor event will sometimes involve gambling, which is why Sin City is such an attractive proposition for many bachelor events to take place. It’s important to practice only responsible gambling on your bachelor event, even after you’ve been drinking large amounts of alcohol.
  • A bachelor event will often involve ladies of some description, well, perhaps “ladies” is a bit strong . . . going to some type of strip club or hiring a stripper is a popular form of entertainment for the traditional bachelor event.


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