Bachelor City

Baltimore, Maryland Skyline from the Inner Harbor

Baltimore, Maryland Skyline from the Inner Harbor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is it that makes a city the perfect stamping ground for a bachelor? Well, let’s think about it for a minute . . .

According to some people (generally other bachelors or those who lovingly hark back to the “good old days”) it’s all girls, night life, gaming, sports, music, movies . . . and being close enough to Mom to get your washing done! Well, if that last part of bachelor life is the most important to you, then I suppose you’ll stay in the city where your Mom lives, or take her with you. If, however, you are looking for a city which is great for a bachelor to spend a few days (and nights), then these are some of the hottest bachelor cities around (with a good ratio of bachelors : bachelorettes).

  • Baltimore is apparently a great bachelor city, and it’s not often that Baltimore gets to the top of the list but it has several pro sports teams, great nightlife and tons more single ladies than men . . . sounds like a great bachelor city.
  • Washington DC also has more than it’s fair share of single ladies and there’s that definite smell of power in the air. Yep, Washington DC is also a great bachelor city.
  • New Orleans is another place where single women greatly outnumber the bachelor population. If you’re looking for a great bachelor city then head on down to the Big Easy.
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