Bachelor Calls

bachelor at hooters

bachelor at hooters

If you’re on the look out for love or companionship, then you’ve got to be ready for if, and when a bachelor calls. This can happen at the most unlikely moments, when you least expect it and it’s the last thing on your mind, but single ladies need to always expect the unexpected so that they are not left kicking themselves for acting the fool when the most gorgeous, eligible, dreamy, sexy, intelligent, successful bachelor calls unexpectedly.

When a bachelor calls it’s important to;

  • not sound too desperate (that’ll scare away your bachelor)
  • not sound too casual (or they’ll think you’re not into them)

and if you do manage to hook up a date when your dreamboat bachelor calls, don’t say any of these things on your first date;

  • my ex used to say that / do that / look like that . . .
  • I just love kids and can’t wait to get some of my own
  • your place or mine
  • so . . . I haven’t really had the chance to meet anybody new since I got out of rehab
  • I’d love to, just as soon as my rash has cleared up
  • do you believe in love at first sight

. . . you just might find that your dreamboat bachelor won’t come a-calling ever again!


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