Bachelor Call

"Kellogg" brand "candle stick&q...

“Kellogg” brand “candle stick” style telephone from c. early 20th century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay girls, you’ve just spotted him, “Mr Right”, your dreamboat guy . . . he opens up a little casual conversation and you try your best to look interested but not desperate . . . he says he’ll call you, so how do you make sure that you do receive the all important bachelor call? How can you make sure he doesn’t forget (without being too needy of course). What’s a sure fire way to make your bachelor call?

  • If your bachelor says he’ll give you a call just smile and say “that’ll be great” . . . don’t ask him when, why, how’s and wherefores
  • If you do receive the all important “bachelor call” three days, a week or even two weeks later . . . don’t say “what took you so long”
  • If your bachelor simply uses the “I’ll call you ” as a parting shot, what he really means is that he won’t call you . . . so why say it . . . men!
  • If the bachelor really does look interested and asks for your number . . . then you’ll know that you’ve got a very good chance of receiving that all important bachelor call . . . maybe this bachelor is ready for taming!

What if you really don’t want this bachelor to call but don’t want to appear mean?

I heard something really great on the radio the other day, it was brilliant and very useful for any bacholerettes (or bachelors) who need a way out of a sticky “call me” situation. What happens is that, instead of giving your own telephone number you give the number of some obscure “call in show” answer machine. I know it might sound a little mean but hey, we’re all human!

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