Bachelor California

Bachelor is beeing led to his Bachelor Party

Bachelor is being led to his Bachelor Party

What better place on earth to be a bachelor than California. I mean, think about all of those “California Girls” for starters. California is also a pretty neat place to take your bachelor party, last chance saloon as it were. If you’re looking for a great California town for your bachelor party then look no further than San Diego. You’ll find great nightlife as well as plenty more fun “guy things” to do. There’s so much more to a bachelor party than drinking beer, oggling strippers and gambling away your entire budget in the first hour you know. There is? Yep . . .

  • Paintball – admit it, you fancy yourself as a bit of an action man, you’ve got the skills, you’ve seen plenty of movies, now’s the time to get a little action . . . paint splattering action that is. It’s just you against the guys . . . who will come out as clean as a whistle?
  • ATV adventure – your last adventure before the big one (marriage of course) . . . just you and the guys enjoying some adrenalin pumping, high octane thrills and spills.
  • Beer tasting – I know I said that there’s much more to being a bachelor in California than drinking beer, but this is much more classy . . . it’s beer tasting! Learn the difference between a lager and an ale . . . become a beer connoisseur, it could be your last chance!


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